We connect your organisation to a multitude of EU funding opportunities helping you to unlock your organisations potential!




What We Do


euroco has developed a membership based support service which will prove invaluable to your organisation. You are subscribing to our EU expertise, our proven track record and our commitment to matching your priorities with funding – this is not about chasing funding, it is about the strategic progression of your organisation and staff.

Members benefit from exclusive insight into EU programmes best suited to their organisations and a host of supports to be in a strong position to attract that funding. Those supports are:-

Early Warning Funding Alerts

We will stream relevant opportunities to you. This is more important that it sounds!  We find that the official EU contact points/ info desks are excellent in advance notice of individual programmes.  Each month many opportunities are highlighted but it is easy to get lost in same.  Our service connects only the EU funding programmes that are relevant to your priorities.  No clutter, just informed and highly relevant information that is specific to you.

Coaching on Bid Development

As you tackle the application form, we will provide a review and feedback service[1], ensuring you are meeting programme priorities and maximising your application scoring performance.  This will include an objective review and practical guidance on the content and tone of the application and most importantly an objective analysis of your budget.  On average, around 20% of EU proposals get financed – you need to be very focused on the scoring criteria of every application – each answer needs to be strong.

Opportunities Workshop

We meet with your organisation and explore what your priorities are. We also look at how these local priorities can evolve into viable EU project ideas based on your activities, track record and capacity. We will work with you in screening those project ideas into feasible and very compelling propositions. And if your idea is very specialised, we can also attend niche funding EU workshops on your behalf.

Partner Search

Over the years, we have learned that partnerships are only as successful as the partners involved.  Soundabit obvious?   It is !  It is vital to get the right connections of like minded, professional partners.  We have an extensive network of EU contacts which includes economic development bodies and social partners, networks and representative bodies, universities and VET organisations, sectoral bodies in food & agriculture, ICT, craft, creative industries, arts & culture, tourism, natural resources environmental etc.

Bid Brokering

euroco is a founding member of a European Network of Funding Facilitators, with representation from Sweden, Germany, Spain and The Netherlands. Combined we submit over 80 funding proposals per year, with a 63% success rate (2013). Our business model going forward is simple, members of our network are get priority in each other bids, thereby maximising bid submission and success rates.


additional services


Funding Workshops

We train you in the nuances of the specific funding programmes.  This will include workshops on Erasmus +, Interreg V, Horizon 2020 etc.  We will share our proven know-how of project proposal preparation (writing and implementation) and provide a completed funding application template for you to reference.

Proposal Writing

As a euroco member you can avail of discounted rate for proposal formation, development and writing. Typically this equates to 50% off our standard fees – talk to us!